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Lighthouse Locksmiths provide mobile and workshop services to supply cut and program keys to most types of vehicle in Australia.

Our workshop and mobile technicians are licensed and trained to program transponder chips, reset immobilizer control units and ECU’s, synchronize remote transmitters and read and write eeprom chips. Whatever your vehicle type, where ever your vehicle is stranded, chances are we have a solution to program keys to your car, call to speak to one of our highly trained technicians and get a free quote today.

How a transponder key works

When you insert a chipped key into the ignition of your vehicle, the Engine Control Unit (ECU) is triggered to send a coded message to the chip inside the transponder key. Once the key responds back to the ECU with a preset authentication message the built-in immobilizer system will be disarmed and the vehicle can be started. High-security car keys that contain a chip do not contain batteries; the little bit of power that is needed to send the low-strength radio signals to and from the chip come from the vehicle. This means that unlike a remote head key (which may also be equipped with a chip), standard transponder keys never need servicing. The battery that is found in most modern car keys is purely for powering the remote control for
central locking.


How do keys get programmed to my car?

The actual process of programming a high-security car key varies between different makes and models of cars.

With most types of vehicles, plugging in a diagnostic machine to a vehicle can be successful for chip key programming. This process requires specialized knowledge regarding the exact steps that need to be taken to successfully link a new chipped key with the onboard ECU and should only be performed by qualified and licensed technicians. Vehicles that are not able to be programmed diagnostically will require specialized work to electronic components of the vehicle, this is often categorized as eeprom work as it involves reading and programming directly to the eeprom (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) chip in the ECU or immobilizer of the vehicle. This equipment costs thousands of dollars to purchase, which is why having a new high-security car key made costs significantly more than it does to simply cut an old-style metal key.


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