Access Control Systems Perth

Lighthouse Locksmith’s highly-qualified technicians have years of experience designing and implementing hardwired, stand-alone and wireless access control systems in Perth to ensure simple and quick access to your home. It also helps to secure your home by deterring and preventing trespassers from entering.

All maintenance work is carried out by our knowledgeable, experienced and police-licensed technicians.

Digital access control does more than just increase security.

Today’s advanced technology provides building managers with an ever-increasing control of their premises by determining exactly who goes where. The benefits provided by an access control system make it a wise investment for small companies and established businesses alike.

Digital access control can:

Protect your staff.

Help keep unwanted visitors out of controlled areas.

Keeps staff clear of potentially dangerous spaces like machine rooms and forklift areas.

Provide access records.

An effective digital access control system can be linked to a database, automatically keeping access records for security, building management and payroll verification purposes.

Improves productivity.

The system will help restrict unwanted traffic, keeping areas clear for those who need to use them the most.

You can configure time-based access for relevant employees if need be.

Streamline access across multiple premises.

No more dealing with multiple sets of keys for different offices. This way you can configure staff access privileges across all buildings that they work in.

Contact the team at Lighthouse Locksmiths for more information on a security access system for your Perth business.

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